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    Unemployment rate dips in India's urban areas during July-Sep

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    November29/ 2023
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    Urban Unemployment Declines: July-September 2023 Witnesses Drop to 6.6%, Reflecting Positive Trends in Indian Labour Force Statistics.

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    New Delhi: The unemployment rate in India’s urban areas has declined to 6.6 per cent during the July-September quarter this year from 7.2 per cent in the same period of the previous year, according to the quarterly bulletin released by the Ministry of Statistics on Wednesday.

    The unemployment rate covers persons of age 15 years and above.

    In the case of male workers, the unemployment rate in urban areas was 6 per cent in July – September 2023 while for female workers the unemployment rate decreased from 9.4 per cent in July – September 2022 to 8.6 per cent in July – September 2023, figures compiled in the periodic labour force survey (PLFS) showed.

    Other indicators which include the Labour Force Participation Rate (LFPR) Worker Population Ratio (WPR) also reflected a decline in unemployment.

    LFPR, which is defined as the percentage of persons in labour force (i.e. working or seeking or available for work) in the population went up to 49.3 per cent during the period.

    Similarly, WPR, defined as the percentage of employed persons in the population, increased to 46 per cent during this period.