Shree Ram, Jai Hanuman—An Untold epic revealed on Ram Temple Inauguration Day

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    January22/ 2024
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    Experience the magic of "Shree Ram, Jai Hanuman" as Suresh Arts unveils an untold epic on the historic day of the Ram Temple inauguration. Avadhoot directs this cinematic masterpiece, promising a fresh perspective on the Ramayana in multiple languages.

    Suresh Arts release captivating poster on Ayodhya's historic occasion

    New Delhi: Ayodhya is witnessing an event, as "Shree Ram, Jai Hanuman " an epic by Suresh Arts is unveiled on the momentous occasion of the Ram Temple inauguration. This extraordinary film spans languages including Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and English. Aims to provide a fresh perspective on the revered Ramayana. It sheds light on aspects of this epic tale.

    The captivating poster of the film was strategically released during the Ram Temple inauguration to generate excitement in Ayodhya. With its tagline "An epic of Ramayana " the movie delves into aspects that may not have been documented elsewhere.

    The poster is adorned with rich symbolism depicting mountains, fire, water and the divine duo of Ram and Hanuman. The anticipation surrounding "Shree Ram, Jai Hanuman" truly captures the essence of this moment in Ayodhya. Directed by Avadhoot this film promises captivating action sequences that will bring this timeless narrative to life.

    Under the banner of Suresh Arts, renowned producer K.A. Suresh has brought together an ensemble cast and artists from various languages, for this ambitious project.
    "Shree Ram, Jai Hanuman" is currently, in the process of storyboarding and visual effects development. In the days more information about the production and storyline of this film will be revealed. It showcases Pan India Cinemas commitment, to showcasing a range of stories that go beyond language barriers.

    —Input from Agencies