Renowned Food Blogger Natasha Diddee Passes Away at 50

    The Hawk
    March27/ 2024
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    Natasha Diddee, beloved Pune-based 'Gutless Foodie', leaves a legacy of culinary passion and inspiration at 50. Her husband announces the preservation of her online presence for fans.

    Natasha Diddee

    Natasha Diddee, known as The Gutless Foodie, was a famous food blogger from Pune. She passed away on Sunday, March 24, 2024, at the age of 50. Her husband shared the sad news, saying, "I'm very sad to tell everyone that my wife, Natasha Diddee, also known as The Gutless Foodie, has passed away. She died early in the morning on March 24, 2024, in Pune, India."

    He also mentioned that Natasha's social media page will stay online. This way, people who liked her cooking can continue to enjoy her recipes. He said, "Natasha loved talking to her followers and always tried to reply to messages. We want to keep her page going so everyone can still feel connected to her."