Ram Charan to encourage new talent, pan-India productions with V Mega Pictures

    Chirag Kaul
    May25/ 2023
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    Ram Charan

    Hyderabad: Leading Tollywood star Ram Charan, who gained worldwide popularity with the Oscar-winning RRR, has joined hands with his friend Vikram Reddy of UV Creations, to announce 'V Mega Pictures', a production house established with the intention of encouraging new and young talent.

    The production house will cater to Pan-Indian audiences while giving emerging talent a platform to shine.

    The production company said that it is ready to captivate audiences with exceptional storytelling and groundbreaking entertainment.

    Led by a visionary team with passion for the art of filmmaking, V Mega Pictures is committed to providing a platform for under-represented voices in the industry, it said.

    "We at V Mega Pictures are dedicated to fostering an inclusive and collaborative environment that embraces diversity and welcomes fresh perspectives. By championing creativity and pushing boundaries, we aim to create a lasting impact on the entertainment industry and pave the way for new and emerging talent," a statement from the production house quoted Ram Charan as saying.

    "We are delighted to embark on this exciting journey. By collaborating with talented artists, writers, directors, and technicians, V Mega Pictures aims to push the boundaries of storytelling and bring fresh perspectives to the screen," said Vikram Reddy. IANS