Rahat Fateh Ali Khan's Altercation with Student: Clarification Follows Slippers Incident

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    January28/ 2024
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    Pakistani singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan faces public outrage as a video of him allegedly thrashing his protege Naveed Hasnain goes viral. The incident revolves around a misplaced bottle, leading to a heated exchange.

    Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

    Pakistani singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has recently found himself entangled in a controversy after a video surfaced on media allegedly showing him engaging in physical altercations with a man. The video, which lasts a minute captures Khan repeatedly slapping and hitting the man while questioning him about a misplaced bottle.

    The individual involved, later identified as Naveed Hasnain, who is known to be under Khans guidance clarified in a video that the incident revolved around a misplaced bottle of 'dam kiya hua pani' or holy water.

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    Following the circulation of the video Rahat Fateh Ali Khan took to Instagram to express his apologies for his actions. In the apology video Khan appeared alongside Hasnain and his father. Explained that the incident was essentially an issue between teacher and student. He acknowledged his mistake. Stressed that he had already apologized to Hasnain for his behavior. 

    During the video Hasnain referred to Khan as his 'ustad' or teacher. Defended the singer by stating that there was an intention behind circulating the video solely to defame him. Hasnains father also came forward to support Khans stance by asserting that there was nothing with a teacher disciplining their student.

    Furthermore Khans long time driver present, in the video vouched for the singers demeanor.

    The driver, who mentioned working with Khan for the four decades mentioned that he had never faced any scolding or mistreatment from the singer.

    While some viewers accepted the apology many expressed their concerns, about how violence can never be justified. This brought attention to the controversy surrounding the incident. The specific date and location of the video are still uncertain.

    —Input from Agencies