PM Modi, Kharge, Rahul, Stalin greet ex-PM Manmohan Singh on his birthday

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    September26/ 2023
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    Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

    New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge, party leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday greeted former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on his 91st birthday and recalled his achievements.

    In a post on X, PM Modi said, “Birthday wishes to former PM Dr. Manmohan Singh Ji. I pray for his long life and good health.”

    Kharge in a post on X, formerly Twitter, said, “On his birthday, I extend my best wishes to Former Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh ji. He is a rare example of simplicity, dignity and grace in politics. A true statesman Prime Minister, whose actions spoke more than his words, we are forever grateful for his tremendous contribution to the nation. Wishing him good health, happiness and a long life ahead.”

    Rahul Gandhi in a post on X said, “Former Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh ji’s integrity, unwavering commitment to nation-building and economic upliftment of the masses will always be an inspiration to me. Wishing him good health and happiness on his birthday.”

    Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra greeted Singh on his birthday and said, “Wishing Manmohan Singh Ji a very very Happy Birthday.

    “As a leader, he showed us the value of patience and humility in politics. As a Prime Minister, his honesty, courage, vision and wisdom paved the way for our country to forge ahead into the 21st century with self assurance and pride. Deepest respect always,” she said in a post on X.

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and DMK leader M.K. Stalin greeted Manmohan Singh on his birthday and said, “Birthday greetings to former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh! As PM, his leadership during the global financial crisis and commitment to inclusive policies reshaped India’s future. His composed, intellectual, and humble approach serves as an example, providing valuable lessons for leadership in every era.”

    “His legacy of progress and stability endures. Here’s to more inspiring years,” Stalin added.

    Singh, two-time Prime Minister during the 2004 to 2014, had attended the Parliament’s Special Session while seated on a wheelchair. He attended the Rajya Sabha proceedings on the last day in the old Parliament building.

    He had also attended the Parliament proceedings during the Monsoon Session during the debate over the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (Amendment) Bill, 2023.

    The former Prime minister of India was born on September 26, 1932. He served as the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) from 1982-1985 and was the Minister of Finance in P.V. Narasimha Rao’s government. He was one of those responsible for the economic liberalisation of India in 1991. He introduced economic reforms that moved India towards liberalisation and ended the ‘license raj’.

    He is a renowned economist, credited for introducing sweeping reforms in the 1990s.