New education policy will make India 'Vishva Guru': Nadda

    April20/ 2022
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    New Delhi: The education policy drafted by the Modi government is in line with the soul of the country and will again make India a "Vishva Guru", BJP president J P Nadda said on Saturday.

    To mark Teachers'' Day, Nadda through video conferencing interacted with teachers from his school and university and asked them about their wellbeing, the BJP said in a statement.

    Talking about the new education policy with his teachers, Nadda said for the first time after Independence an education policy was drafted which is in line with the soul of India.

    The new education policy will change the image of the country and it will emerge as a "Vishva Guru", Nadda said, adding that it will create an environment for students to succeed in their lives. —PTI

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