Mumbai influencer calls Vada Pav 'trash', now faces backlash

    The Hawk
    February23/ 2024
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    Controversy erupts as Mumbai influencer sparks outrage by slamming the iconic Vada Pav on a popular TV show, inciting a fierce debate on social media over culinary preferences and cultural heritage.

    Sakshi Shivdasani

    Mumbai: In a city where Vada Pav holds a revered status as a beloved street food, Mumbai-based Instagram influencer Sakshi Shivdasani has stirred up controversy by expressing her disdain for the iconic snack. The outspoken influencer faced severe backlash on social media after she labeled Vada Pav as "trash" during a segment on the show 'Having Said That'.

    Sakshi's remark sparked outrage among netizens, with many defending the honor of the quintessential Mumbai delicacy. The snippet of her statement quickly went viral, igniting a fiery debate across various social media platforms.


    Vada Pav is a cherished snack consisting of a spiced potato filling sandwiched between a soft bun, holds a special place in the hearts of Mumbaikars. It is not merely a food item but a cultural emblem synonymous with the bustling streets of Mumbai.

    The condemnation directed towards Sakshi Shivdasani underscores the emotional attachment that residents of Maharashtra have towards Vada Pav. Many criticized her for disrespecting a local favorite and questioned her understanding of Mumbai's culinary heritage.

    While opinions on food can vary widely, Sakshi's characterization of Vada Pav as "trash" struck a nerve with Mumbai's food enthusiasts, prompting an avalanche of criticism and memes aimed at the influencer.

    Despite the backlash, Sakshi Shivdasani has yet to retract her statement or issue an apology, further fueling the online debate over the merits of Vada Pav and the boundaries of culinary criticism.

    As the controversy continues to unfold online, one thing remains certain – in Mumbai, where Vada Pav is favorite, disparaging remarks about this beloved snack are bound to evoke strong reactions and ignite passionate discussions.