Month long workshop on 'Inner Transformation' inaugurated at Shoolini Varsity

    April20/ 2022
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    Month long workshop on 'Inner Transformation' inaugurated at Shoolini Varsity

    Shimla (The Hawk): The Yogananda Centre for Theology (YCT) at Shoolini University has started a month long virtual certified guided mindfulness meditation workshop on "Inner Transformation".

    The workshop timings are scheduled daily from 7 am to 7.30 am.

    The workshop was inaugurated on Monday by the Chancellor of Shoolini University and Patron, YCT, Prof. P.K. Khosla along with the Vice Chancellor Prof. Atul Khosla. Mr. Vivek Atray, former IAS officer and Chairman of YCT presented a welcome note and motivated the participants with his inspirational words.

    The mission of the workshop is to make people aware of the simple techniques of ancient meditation through which stress, depression, anxiety, and negative thoughts could be overcome.

    Pranayama techniques will also be practiced in the workshop which helps to manage the respiratory tract, and which is also very useful for today's epidemic situation. Simple techniques taught by Sri Sri Pramahansa Yogananda will be used in this workshop.

    Dr. Prerna Bhardwaj Co-ordinator of Yogananda Centre for Theology (YTC) introduced all the participants about the workshop and gave basic instructions to the participants. Mr. Apar Kaushik , Assistant Professor in School of Naturopathy and Yoga will take the daily guided meditation session.

    Assistant Professor Dr. Supriya from Management Sciences, Dr. Lalit Sharma Assistant Professor from Pharmaceutical Sciences, Dr. Anita Chauhan, Assistant Prof-cum-Psychologist, and Mr. Sourabh Aggarwal , School of Engineering will help in analysing and managing data for pre and post effects of all participants through a research questionnaire. More than 165 participants, students and faculty members of the university has been enrolled for the workshop.

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