Mental disorders are increasing in children due to mobile

    The Hawk
    May18/ 2023

    Mental disorder

    The harmful effects of the fashion that has started of handing over mobiles like rattles to children to amuse them are now coming to the fore. An international study has only confirmed these apprehensions. It has been said in the report that many types of mental disorders are emerging when children are given smartphones at an early age. The findings of this global survey were made public on last Monday. mobile phones in survey findings And the side effects of using Tab are mentioned. The sad thing is also that excessive use of mobile phones at a young age has seen an influx of fatal thoughts like suicide in such children as adults. 

    A tendency to deviate from their reality and aggressive behavior towards others has been seen in them. This survey was done by a non-profit organization of America on about 28 thousand adults of the world. Four thousand youths from India were also included in the survey conducted in about forty countries. involving mental health Effects were analyzed. Regarding the facts based on the findings of the survey, scientists say that giving mobile phones to children at a young age is likely to increase their adverse effects on mental health as adults. 

    The survey revealed that 74 per cent of adult females who started using a smartphone at the age of six faced serious mental health challenges, including depression. In the same sequence, among adults who started using smart phones after ten years,These side effects were seen in 61 percent of girls and 52 percent of girls who started using before the age of fifteen. On the other hand, the percentage of girls who used smartphones at the age of 18 faced such a challenge was 46 percent. More or less similar among youths, 42 percent of those who started using smartphones at the age of six experienced mental side effects. At the same time, the percentage of those who started using smartphones from the age of 18 was 36 percent. In this way, the relation of mobile use at an early age is directly related to mental health.A was found to be an increasing problem. That is, the use of phones at a young age has increased mental problems. 

    Suicidal thoughts, aggression towards others, detachment from the reality of life and self-centredness apart from society have been seen in such people. And according to data released last year, the percentage of smartphone use among ten to fourteen year olds in Indian households was 83 percent, which was seven percentage points higher than the global average of usage. Well this study It is yet to be explained why early use of phones is causing mental problems and behavioral aggression in young children and what are the possible solutions. Statistics are telling that children stay online for five to eight hours daily. No doubt children previously used this time to spend with family and friends. Obviously the process of socialization in children has been disrupted. Due to which there is a decline in their ability to adjust to social challenges and They start giving up on small challenges. Due to which there is aggression in their behavior and their mental health is disrupted. Due to this thoughts like suicide start affecting them. Undoubtedly, this is a serious challenge. Government and society should think seriously in this direction. Children need to be encouraged to participate in sports. Yoga and meditation can work as medicine in this problem. Which will help in making them mentally strong.