IPR And Its Applicability In Fashion Industry Discussed At UIFT&VD, PU

    April20/ 2022
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    Chandigarh (The Hawk): Centre for Industry Institute Partnership Programme (CIIPP), Technology Enabling Centre (TEC) and University Institute of Fashion Technology & Vocational Development, (UIFT & VD), Panjab University, Chandigarh in collaboration with IPloea, IP solutions firm organized a webinar titled "An Overview of IPR and its Applicability in Fashion Industry".
    Prof. Raj Kumar, Vice-Chancellor, Panjab University, in his inaugural address highlighted the importance of intellectual property rights. He mentioned that it is important to work towards innovation, but at the same time, the innovator should protect the idea and patent or copyright it. He also stressed the interconnectivity amongst disciplines that should be encouraged. 
    Ms. Latika Khanduja, founder of IPloea is an intellectual property consultant and provides end-to-end IP support to start-ups and SMEs. She introduced the participants to the basics of intellectual property rights. She discussed patents, their relevance, the procedure, and other details-related to patents. Mr. Amandeep Singh, an Advocate and Intellectual Property Rights Attorney specializing in Trademark, Copyright, and Industrial Design prosecution and litigation elaborated on trademarks. Trademark is a sign, logo, tag line, expression that distinguishes goods or services. It is used to protect brand of a company. He discussed about things that can be trademarked. Design of a two dimensional and three dimensional objects can be protected in different ways. This session also  focused on what is a copyright and what are the steps to be followed to get a copyright. Specific examples were given in context with apparel designs. 
    Earlier, Dr. Anu H. Gupta, Chairperson, UIFT introduced the speakers and mentioned that whether it is a new design or a new process or a new technology- it is an intellectual property and each one of these can bring a tremendous change in the fashion business. Hence, the creative expression must be safeguarded in this ever-changing apparel industry.
    Prof. Sarbjeet Singh, Webinar Coordinator, UIET welcomed the speakers and the guests of the webinar. He emphasized on the use of IPR in different disciplines. 
    The webinar concluded with the participants’ queries and discussions on different facets of patenting and copyright. Prof. Manu Sharma, Director, Centre for Industry Institute Partnership Programme (CIIPP) and coordinator, Technology Enabling Centre (TEC), appreciated the speakers for making the participants understand the importance of intellectual property rights in the fashion industry.  He commented that the creative sector has limitless possibilities, and future designers should be aware of the need of preserving their ideas.
    Around 110 participants that included faculty members of the department and various colleges, research scholars, students, alumni of UIFT attended the webinar. 
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