Iconic radio presenter Ameen Sayani passes away at 91

    The Hawk
    February21/ 2024
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    The legendary broadcaster, known for his timeless Radio Ceylon greeting, was born in Mumbai in 1932, leaving a profound impact on Indian radio and evoking nostalgia among listeners.

    Ameen Sayani

    Mumbai: Ameen Sayani, the famous voice behind the popular “Binaca Geet Mala” programme, has died at the age of 91, his son Rajil Sayani said on Wednesday.

    Sayani suffered a heart attack on Tuesday night and was taken to a hospital but could not be saved.

    "He passed away at around 7.00 pm of a heart attack at the HN Reliance hospital," Rajil told PTI.

    Sayani, whose introduction ‘Namaskar bhaiyon aur behno, main aapka dost Ameen Sayani bol raha hoon’ on Radio Ceylon still evokes strong nostalgia, was born in Mumbai in a multilingual family on December 21, 1932.