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    Dileep Sanghani elected as Chairman of IFFCO

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    May10/ 2024
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    IFFCO's 15th RGB elections at IFFCO Sadan, New Delhi, concluded with Dileep Sanghani elected as Chairman and Balvir Singh as Vice Chairman. The election process, initiated in March, involved over 36,000 cooperative societies, emphasizing transparency and inclusivity.

    Dileep Sanghani IFFCO

    New Delhi: Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative (IFFCO) conducted its 15th RGB elections for its Board of Directors, covering members from more than 36,000 cooperative societies at IFFCO Sadan, New Delhi.
    A massive exercise that was started in the month of March saw Dileep Sanghani emerge as the Chairman of IFFCO and Balvir Singh as the Vice Chairman.
    The elections for the post of 21 Directors were held on May 9, 2024, at the corporate office of IFFCO, New Delhi.
    These elections saw Jagdeep Singh Nakai, Umesh Tripathi, Prahlad Singh, Balvir Singh, Ramniwas Garwal, Jayeshbhai V Radadiya, Rishiraj Singh Sisodia, Vivek Bipindada Kolhe, Simachal Padhy, K Srinivasa Gowda, S Shaktikvel, Prem Chandra Munshi, Dr. Varsha L Kasturkar, Dileep Sanghani, Sudhansh Pant, Alok Kumar Singh, J Ganesan, M N Rajendra Kumar, PP Nagi Reddy, Balmiki Tripathi, and Mara Ganga Reddy emerge victorious as Board of Directors in their respective constituencies.
    Managing Director IFFCO, Dr US Awasthi, said that the elections were carried out in a fair and transparent manner and congratulated Chairman Dileep Sanghani, Vice Chairman Balvir Singh and all the board members for their valuable contributions to society.
    He also extended gratitude to all the cooperators and voters for their diligent participation in the election process.
    The election journey began with the launch of an innovative election portal, which was an important tool in ensuring that the elections had fair, equal, and transparent participation from all the members.
    With over 36,000 cooperative societies under its umbrella, IFFCO embarked on the monumental task of electing RGB members, comprising the General Body.
    "This intricate process spanned over two months, reflecting the vastness and complexity of IFFCO's reach and operations. The introduction of the new election system marked a significant milestone, eliminating the need for a physical presence in Delhi for form submission or nomination filing. This streamlined approach reflected IFFCO's commitment to inclusivity and accessibility for all member societies, regardless of their geographical location," the release said.