A perfect gentleman: Ajith helps young mum at London airport, carries her bag

    Chirag Kaul
    April15/ 2023
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    Ajith Kumar

    Chennai: Tamil Super Star Ajith Kumar has gained appreciation on social media and among people in general after he helped a woman travelling alone with a ten-month-old at Heathrow airport in London.

    The husband of the woman said in a social media post: "My wife was travelling from Glasgow to Chennai and was travelling alone with our 10-month-old baby. She had a chance to meet Ajithkumar at London's Heathrow airport today. She was travelling with a cabin suitcase and a baby bag. This man here not only posed for a photograph but he was a superhuman to carry our baby bag from there until flight, understanding my wife came alone."

    "When my wife resisted, he replied, 'It is ok. I have two kids. So I know how it feels.' He carried it all the way along with his cabin suitcase into the flight and he gave it to the cabin crew and ensured that the bag has been placed under my wife's seat," he added.

    He added that another person who was travelling with Ajithkumar had volunteered to take the baggage but the superstar insisted that he carried the bag himself.

    He also posted that a personality like Ajithkumar doing such a thing floored him. IANS