'Individualization in education is the need of the hour': Dipyaman Sanyal

    April20/ 2022
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    Mumbai (The Hawk): "Every individual is unique. So, individualization in education and mapping their skills based on their capacity is the need of the hour", said Mr. Dipyaman Sanyal, Head- Academics & Learning, Hero Vired. He was speaking at a webinar on education technology - 'ICC EdTech Summit' organized by the Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

    Mr. Dipyaman Sanyal, was of the opinion that it is not about uploading a course online but about robust learning through individualizing which can happen through technology. He felt that from the context of the Indian student, nothing can replace faculty. Although this might change in 20-25 years, there is a need to recalibrate our EdTech learning process and significantly step up the human interaction to ensure the right support for the AI driven performance gaps, stated Mr. Sanyal.

    Also speaking in the forum, Mr. Raghav Gupta, Managing Director - India & APAC, Coursera stated that the need amongst students for higher education online has increased over the recent past. He said that graduates have faced unprecedented double disruption from COVID and Automation. An expected 25 Million job displacement will happen by 2025 and 44% of core skills will change for workers by 2025, according to him. So it has become a challenge for the universities as well, to design curriculum by taking into account student employability, flexibility with multiple entry and exit points, capacity building, faculty development and improving the quality of learning to attract larger student base. This is where technology will play the master role.

    "Neither purely physical nor pure digital but a hybrid pedagogy and cohort inspired learning that involves both taking into account industry and real world requirements is the need of the hour. Industry in fact needs to play a very prominent role in both design and delivery of curriculum as per their requirements", said Mr. Krishnan CA, Business Unit Head, Higher Education, TCS iON. Digital, ecosystem led education where every participating partner can bring on the table what they are good at to deal with the challenges that India faces today with respect to education is the need of the hour, said Mr. Krishnan.

    With an objective of to evaluate opportunities and discuss challenges of the EdTech Industry vis-a-vis the current scenario, the Indian Chamber of Commerce organized the ICC EdTech summit that saw huge participation from subject experts, academia and industry leaders from all over the country. "The Education Technology trends in India - Vision 2025" was the main theme of the summit.

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