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Israel-Palestine war amid eyes on Iran

Israel-Palestine war amid eyes on Iran

Sagar (The Hawk): The beginning of what is happening in Israel was certainly not like this, nor did anyone guess that while the world is suffering from the covid19 epidemic, on the other hand, Israel-Palestine will move towards war. While this war could have been prevented, if some Palestinian antisocial in the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem had not stonewalled the Israeli security forces standing outside, nobody thought then that Israeli security forces would enter the mosque and crackdown. Of course hundreds were injured, but even then there was no scope for war. But the way Hamas militants have fired more than 1800 rockets over Israel and Jerusalem from the Gaza Strip of Palestine, it has brought this war to a decisive turn. In return, Israel has also performed more than 600 airstrikes. Till now 143 people have lost their lives and 980 have been injured, but this figure is going to increase continuously.

However, this war could have been stopped once again if the US President Joe Biden had not been caught in his political interests. If seen, this war is reached at the turning point by one person, then it is Joe Biden, who supported the response given by Israel to Hamas as self-defense. Also blocked a special meeting called by China at the UNSC. In fact, analysts around the world are of the same opinion that President Biden's term will be the most difficult period for Israel, but they took a 5-point hunt with a single arrow, pressing together on Israel and Iran, the vote of Evangelical Christians, the political response to Trump and increasing his popularity. The biggest question among all of these is to what level Israel wants to destroy Hamas because Israel itself created it to weaken Palestine, and whether Iran will directly participate in this war. Since the world knows that Israel and Iran are staunch rivals, who want to annihilate each other. As a result, today Iran provides full logistics and technology to the Hamas ruling over Gaza Strip and the Hezbollah militants in Lebanon. However, the change happened in the current development was not expected by Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu himself for at least 4 years, but in the present scenario, not only America but France and Germany have also come with Israel. , Surprising when Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz pledged support by placing the flag of Israel equivalent Austrian and EU flag, on his official building.

Nonetheless, OIC member countries have strongly condemned Israel on this issue, especially Turkey. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, speaking on the phone to Russian President Vladimir Putin, has pledged to teach Israel a hard lesson, so that the Palestinians can get their land back. Analysts feel that Turkey's commitment is to the S-400 missile system, which it wants to intimidate Israel by installing in the West Bank. In this episode, Erdogan called Putin to ask for permission basically. However, Turkey is just pretending that it wants to replace Saudi Arabia and make itself the new leader of the Muslim world and President Erdogan is presenting himself as the Caliph of the Ottoman Empire in the Sheikh Zarrah land issue of East Jerusalem, That's why they are using such strict language, otherwise when a full scale war breaks out, then these countries will be among the first to run away. If seen, the maximum damage will be done only to civilians, even before many civilians living in Gaza protested against the launching of rockets by Hamas but none of them listened. Actually, governments around the world are made by the citizens, but then they don't listen to them only. Since now, the nuclear-rich country has enforced the Gaza Strip on three sides with massive tanks, issuing the decree to prepare for war to all its citizens who have undergone military training by implementing Military Enforcement Law. Even then, the civilians are most concerned about what will happen to them now. Will they have to die by jumping into the Mediterranean Sea or will they fall prey to Israeli bombings indoors. People on both sides are in panic, within 45 seconds of the siren ringing, they have to hide in the safe bunker, the fighter jets are constantly flying in the sky. Meanwhile, after the American green signal, PM Netanyahu has asked Hamas leaders to be prepared to pay a big price, bypassing the peace talks. In this way, Israel has once again come out to occupy a large part, as it did in 1967, 1983 and 2000.

The conclusion is dishonest at the moment, as it will be constantly updated, but with the support of large forces, it has been ensured that Israel will no longer stop the attack. Interestingly, the main opponent in this war is not Palestine, but Iran. And now this battle is not only Israel-Palestine, but in the guise of this, many countries have started fighting for their interests. Since four general elections have been held in Israel in just two years, but no party has got an absolute majority. Even in the recent election, Netanyahu promised to capture the West Bank and part of the Gaza Strip in his election manifesto, yet he could not get a majority. Now through this fight, he has got a chance to fulfill his agenda, so that he can give a stable government in Israel and also stop the investigation of corruption on his own. At the same time, Israel does not want to allow Iran to become a nuclear power state at any cost, so it wants to neutralize Hamas and drive Iran out from behind the curtain, so that it can be fought across it, after that the nuclear deal with P5+Germany should be pushed back for many years.

As for the US and the European Union, they are supporting Israel because of the ruined Iran can be easily brought to the table of nuclear deal. Although Biden in his election manifesto promised to restart the JCPOA, but now Iran cunningly delving into the deal and making it its main weapon, to continue its nuclear program uninterruptedly, and it could get an edge in the final negotiation with the superpowers. Therefore the US and EU stand with Israel today. They also know that when Iran will openly fight with Israel, with immediate effect, Saudi Arabia, UAE and other nations who signed the Abraham Accord will come to the support of Israel, who are currently lobbying for Palestine, because in the Shia-Sunni game, they themselves want to eradicate each other. Well, the game continues, but the loss will surely be to the civilians, in which even Israel will not remain untouched. Recently, the riots have started in the Lod city of Israel, which is expected to spark a civil war in the country, so this must surely be a primary concern for PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

Updated : 16 May 2021 8:18 AM GMT

Kumar Ramesh

Criminologist, Foreign Affairs Analyst and World Record holder, Dr Harisingh Gour Central University, Sagar MP (India)

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