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    Live surgery workshop organized by the Orthopedic dept of AIIMS Rishikesh

    May22/ 2022

    Rishikesh (The Hawk): The method of adopting the IONM procedure to make spine surgery convenient was explained during the live surgery workshop organized by the Orthopedic department of AIIMS Rishikesh. It was informed in the seminar that the IONM procedure reduces the risk of spinal cord injuries while performing the surgery and makes the treatment easier. Under the guidance of Professor Arvind Rajwanshi, Director of AIIMS, expert doctors explained the benefits of the spine and neurosurgeries performed through intra-operative neurophysiological monitoring procedure in a workshop. During this Professor Pankaj Kandwal, HOD Ortho Department explained the concepts of IONM. He said that the surgery related to diseases of the spine is quite complicated. In such a situation, the risk of surgery is high. Pro. Kandwal said that the IONM procedure is such a surgical procedure, which reduces the risk while performing spine and neurosurgery. For the inspiration of the seminar, Dr. Kandwal Thanks Dean Academics pro. Manoj Gupta. Pro. Jaya Chaturvedi, HOD Gynecology Department and Chief Guest of the workshop while inaugurating the workshop said that by adopting this process in the treatment of patients, not only the patients but also the team of doctors performing the surgery would be benefited. A live telecast of surgery of a patient undergoing OT through this IONM procedure was also done during the seminar. Dr. Sudhakar and Dr. Ajit of the Department of Orthopedics informed that the teams of Physiologist, Anesthetist, and Neurosurgeon experts work jointly while adopting the IONM procedure. In the seminar, Dr. AK Singh, Director Max Institute of Neuro Sciences, Prof. Ashok Jariyal, Department of Physiology AIIMS Delhi, Dr. Prashant Patil, and Dr. ...

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