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    Uma Bharti returns to the anti-liquor agitation, and the police initiate a drug-abuse campaign

    Pankaj Sharma
    October20/ 2022

    Bhopal (The Hawk): In Madhya Pradesh, the fight against narcotics and the illegal sale of alcohol appears to have political as well as police support. Former Union minister and current BJP leader Uma Bharti is taking on her own party's government on the problem of alcohol while state police have just launched a specific campaign against narcotics. As a protest against the new liquor policy enacted by the Shivraj Singh Chouhan-led BJP government earlier this year, former chief minister Bharti has recently made news by either smashing liquor bottles at shops or throwing cow poo at them. And on Tuesday, she was at it again, taking down a poster advertising a booze store in Bhopal. She also contacted the manager to find out if he was an occasional drinker or if he strictly dealt. Bharti threatened the administration and the police that she would disrupt peace and order if the liquor store remained next to a temple. Bharti added that she was afraid the booze mafia would attack her because of her stance. Earlier, I also warned that the alcohol industry would launch an attack on me, using disinformation to discredit my efforts. Someone warned me even today that I was helping the government's enemies by speaking out "On Tuesday, Bharti sent out a series of tweets. Bharti further cautioned that she will continue to demonstrate unless the state government takes firm action against the unlawful sale of alcohol. Aarti for the government of Madhya Pradesh if all bars are closed by decree "Bharti stated again in a tweet. Meanwhile, beginning on October 8th, the Madhya Pradesh Police Department will be conducting a special anti-drug campaign that will focus on stopping the distribution, consumption, and driving under the influence of drugs a ...

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