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    'No Evidence' Of UFO Having Extraterrestrial Origins: NASA

    'No Evidence' Of UFO Having Extraterrestrial Origins
    Inam Ansari
    September16/ 2023

    Washington: A NASA panel, formed to study ‘unidentified anomalous phenomena’ more widely known as UFOs, said on Thursday that it has found no evidence that any of the reported objects were extra-terrestrial in origin, The Washington Post reported. Notably, these remarks come days after 1000-year-old fossils of alien corpses were displayed in the Mexico Congress. “It is increasingly clear that the majority of UAP observations can be attributed to known phenomena or occurrences,” NASA’s 16-member expert panel wrote in its report. However, the panel also concluded that the ability to study UAPs is hampered by “poor data collection and a lack of uniform standards”, which must be remedied if research is to proceed on a credible basis. “The top takeaway of the study is that there’s a lot more to learn,” NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said in public remarks at the agency’s headquarters in Washington. While there was no evidence that the objects were not of this Earth, Nelson said that he is keeping an open mind and following science toward a potential conclusion and that he personally believes that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the vastness of the universe, The Washington Post reported. While the panel’s report was short on findings, it represents NASA’s first steps into serious UAP research. David Spergel, the chair of NASA’s UAP independent study team, said that the experts did not come up entirely empty-handed, and most events they studied could be identified as “planes, balloons, drones, weather phenomena and instrument features,” The Washington Post reported. However, NASA’s efforts to bring scientific rigour to a historically undisciplined field are unlikely to quell speculation that the US government is hiding information about ...

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