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Wednesday's 2nd-biggest streaming week ever

Pankaj Sharma
December22/ 2022

Los Angeles (The Hawk): The Jenna Ortega-starring television series "Wednesday" has entered the Nielsen Streaming Top 10 to break more records, following a streak of successes on the streaming behemoth Netflix Top 10. 'Variety' says that during the viewing period of November 21–27, when it was only accessible for the final five days, viewers watched approximately 6 billion minutes of the Tim Burton–directed series featuring Jenna Ortega as the recognisable Addams family daughter. After only the first complete week of "Stranger Things" Season 4's availability, in which the series was seen for 7.2 billion minutes, this is the second-largest week of streaming ever tracked by Nielsen. It's also likely that "Wednesday" will perform better on the chart the following week after accounting for its first complete week of availability. The series went from having 341.2 million hours seen in its first five days on the streaming service to 411.3 million the next week, according to Netflix's self-reported statistics. Although there is a clear difference because Netflix and Nielsen use different measurement techniques, the trajectory is probably going to remain the same. The list of biggest streaming weeks also includes "Tiger King," "Ozark," and "Dahmer," all Netflix productions, as well as several weeks of "Stranger Things." For the first full week of its third and final season's availability, "Dead to Me" ranked No. 2 on the streaming charts for the period of November 21–27. During this watching period, 1.5 billion minutes of the series were watched, up from 1.4 billion the week before. There was a tie for third place on the ranking with 1.1 billion minutes watched by each participant. '1899' experienced a similar first full week of availa ...

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