India And Nepal Agree To Remove The Debris Of Kali River

Kali River
Inam Ansari
December8/ 2022

Prem Prakash Upadhyay Pithoragarh (The Hawk): In the meeting of the Indo-Nepal Coordination Committee, an agreement has been reached to remove the debris lying in the middle of the Kali river, which is the boundary between the two countries. India-Nepal Coordination Committee meeting was held at NHPC Guest House, Tapovan, Dharchula after the incident of stone pelting by Nepal on the laborers who were constructing the embankment. Pithoragarh DM Reena Joshi said that embankment construction work is going on in Kali river from January 2022. He told the officials of Nepal that if there is a possibility of damage to Nepal's border due to this construction, then they should inform so that a solution can be found. On this, the Nepalese authorities demanded removal of the debris lying in the middle of the Kali river in the embankment construction area so that the strong flow of the river during the monsoon season does not harm the villages along the Nepal border. The DM said that the officials constructing the embankment from the Indian side would do the work of removing debris from the river regularly for 10 days. She also demanded Nepal to clear the debris in the Ghatgad area, to which Nepal agreed. There will be another meeting of the coordination committee after 10 days. Nepal's CDO Dirghraj Upadhyay, SP Dumbar Singh, DSP Tarkraj Pandey, Pithoragarh SP Lokeshwar Singh, Dharchula SDM Divesh Shashani, EE Irrigation Farhan Khan were present in the meeting. Joint committee will be formed to monitor embankment construction In the meeting, after the construction of the embankment between the officials of the two countries, the matter of damage to the land of both the countries due to the flow of Kali river came up. It was decided that a join ...

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