Uttar Pradesh

A man is killed when an iron rod pierces his neck on a moving train

Pankaj Sharma
December2/ 2022

New Delhi (The Hawk): A bizarre accident resulted in the death of a man when an iron rod penetrated his neck after it crashed through the window of a speeding train. The event happened at 8:45 a.m. on Friday at a location in the Prayagraj division of Uttar Pradesh between the Danwar and Somna railway stations. The train ran between Delhi and Kanpur. The GRP and the RPF are looking into the situation, according to Indian Railways. According to those on the train, a rod crashed through the window of the coach and struck a young man who was seated in the window seat in the neck. The Nilanchal Express was travelling through Davar and Somna stations in the Prayagraj division on Friday when a passenger named Harikesh Kumar Dubey was struck by an iron rod that came from outside the general coach and was pronounced dead at the scene. The authorities stated that an investigation is ongoing to determine how the iron rod crashed through the window. The incident shocked the Neelanchal Express passengers who were seated in the public coach. Around 9.23 am, when the train arrived at Aligarh station after the accident, the deceased's body was given to Aligarh GRP, and an inquiry was thereafter ordered. (Inputs from ...

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