Darul Uloom requests that students only participate in weddings during holidays

Pankaj Sharma
November20/ 2022

Saharanpur (The Hawk): From now on, students at the Darul Uloom in Deoband will only be permitted to attend family celebrations like weddings provided those festivities take place when the school is closed. Darul Uloom has "recommended" the families of the students to schedule weddings exclusively during the seminary's break for holidays. Hussain Ahmad, the chairman of the education department, stated: "If families feel that the students' participation is crucial in marriages, they must organise the weddings during the vacations when the seminary is closed, otherwise it greatly impacts their studies. We have a requirement for at least 75% attendance. On the seminary bulletin board, the order is posted. Additionally, students have been instructed to explain to their parents the "academic justifications for the directions." The education administration had previously issued an order barring students from engaging in any commercial activity or side companies, warning that doing so could result in their expulsion from the seminary and the immediate suspension of benefits including educational subsidies, free food, and ...

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