Amritpal's mentor Papalpreet helped him escape police dragnet

Amritpal singh
Nidhi Khurana
March22/ 2023

Chandigarh: On Wednesday, officials revealed that 38-year-old Papalpreet Singh was the brains behind pro-Khalistan fugitive Amritpal Singh's escape from the police dragnet. Papalpreet Singh was in constant contact with Pakistan's ISI and was following orders from it. They said that Papalpreet Singh is one of Amritpal Singh's mentors and that he has been giving him advice on different issues. Since Amritpal's return to India last year, the two had been working closely together at the nonprofit organisation 'Waris Punjab De,' which was formed by the late actor Deep Sidhu before his tragic death in a road accident in 2021. Amritpal was observed riding shotgun with Papalpreet on a motorcycle. The two-wheeler was found abandoned at Phillaur in Jalandhar.—Inputs from ...

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