Kerala's government introduces a bill to depose the governor as chancellor

Pankaj Sharma
December7/ 2022

Thiruvananthapuram (The Hawk): In response to debates over appointments in the Thiruvananthapuram corporation, the Pinarayi Vijayan-led Kerala government on Wednesday introduced a Bill to remove the Governor from his position as Chancellor. The ongoing nine-day extraordinary session was reportedly called after Governor Arif Mohammed Khan refused to act on an ordinance related to it. The Bill was led by State Law Minister P.Rajeev and was vigorously opposed by the opposition spearheaded by Congress, in particular its leader V.D. Satheesan, said that the bill omits any reference of the qualities needed for the chancellor. "This implies that, if the government so chooses, even the local secretary of the CPI-M party could become chancellor. You (the Left) have claimed numerous times that the Governor is attempting to marxize universities, and now with the proposed Bill, you are attempting to do the same "Satheesan remarked. The Bill will now be forwarded to the Kerala Assembly's Subject Committee, and when it returns to the Assembly's floor on December 13 with 98 members (excluding the Speaker) on the Treasury bench versus 41 on the opposition benches, it will be passed without a vote. Khan will ultimately get the bill because, in accordance with legislative regulations, the governor must sign all bills into law before they can take effect. Khan, though, has already made it clear that he will not pass judgement on a matter that bothers him. As a result, the President will receive it. (Inputs from ...

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