In Assam, a fake post on Shraddha Walkar gets viral; the police provides clarification

Pankaj Sharma
December8/ 2022

Guwahati (The Hawk): A group of unknown criminals uploaded a message about the Shraddha Walkar-like crime on social media on Wednesday in an effort to harm Assamese communal harmony. The state police responded quickly, labelling it "false" news and claiming that it was copied from a Portuguese site. The miscreants stated that Assam had experienced an incidence similar to Shraddha and called it "Love-Jihad." "Seven Muslim lads first raped a female named Kajal who was living with them before packing her alive in a refrigerator. Kajal was in a live-in relationship. She passed away from a cold, and her live-in partner Ghaffar and his friends would regularly remove the body from the refrigerator to engage in necrophilia for eight days." The Assam police's cyber cell acted fast and discovered that the message was a hoax. Assam police stated on Twitter, "On social media, an image from a Portuguese blog from 2010 is being spread with an entirely fake context. Anyone discovered spreading such messages will face the appropriate consequences." A senior police official advised the public to use extreme caution when responding to these kinds of social media remarks. There is an investigation going on. (Inputs from ...

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