Mamata Magic Mummies BJP

Mamata Magic Mummies BJP

New Delhi (The Hawk): Amid news of Mamata Banerjee taking over as CM of West Bengal on May 5, fossil like BJP now, at least in West Bengal, Mamata (Banerjee) magic has simply mummyed it via her realistic Karma-yoga 'magic', 'mystifying', 'mesmerisation',

'manipulations', 'astute manouverings' on dot everywhere in the state that automatically compelled Sharad Pawar, Uddhav Thackeray, Captain Amarinder Singh, Muthuvel Stalin, Hemanta Soren, Raj Nath Singh, Narendra Modi etc shower her with congratulations aplenty in freehold manner. This has stirred the ruling party in the Centre, many states, BJP seriously wonder whether their D-Day is in the offing as days from now on go by rather the long awaited count down to that has begun what with she being the sole rallying point of unity among above and many more symbolising "oust them, instal us in their place now, be relieved, be comfortably governed, administered rationally, be part of all round upward profitable progress-es".

Mamata Banerjee, at the time of writing, gauging the all masses' mighty excitement to unitedly rent the air with "Banglar Meye Mamata TritiyaBaar...Ei To Chaai...Cholche, Cholbe; Ma, Mati, Manush zindabad; Mamata Aage Raho, Hum Aapke Pichey Hain Sadeiba" has prevented them from going for it now assuring them of the victory-celebration after the present macabre pandemic is over. Yes, she has assured them that there will be a grandiloquent celebration then but for now, be fully engaged in alleviation of COVID-19 rather removal of it, nursing the masses of all hues, consoling their kith and kin so that they are not any more affected.

Mamata Banerjee interestingly like her political sagacity, already evinced in the just past elections, is ensuring displaying same and more spirit in 'nursing' the COVID-19 and removing it as well. Naturally the above leaders are now fully dependent on her to relieve their "current agony from present ruling echelon" and take command herself, they will support her lock, stock, barrel without any reservation, condition of any kind.

Updated : 4 May 2021 6:54 AM GMT


Soumitra Bose is a Special Correspondent of The Hawk in New Delhi

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