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Satpal Maharaj To Be CM, Trivendra His Deputy!

Satpal Maharaj To Be CM, Trivendra His Deputy!

New Delhi (The Hawk): There are strong murmurs, rumblings in 24x7x365 power politically rife Delhi that PM-aiming Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal will take flagrant help from dollar rich, World Fellowship of Religions, having cash-rich branches in so many countries, belonging to Satpal Maharaj, to fulfil his dream/s and in return will lend his Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) to make Satpal Maharaj's last dream come true that is Uttarakhand Chief Ministership with just deposed CM Trivendra Singh Rawat as his most willing Deputy CM. With them, will be pretty many 'new' MLAs from ruling and opposition cliques. Obviously they will defect to AAP. This may come about any time from now on or if not so, then, after new election results will be out in next assembly elections next year. By then of course AAP under Satpal Maharaj will be a fully consolidated unit in its independent right and predictably will give other parties full run for their money.

In a remarkable power politics development in Uttarakhand, yesterday, AAP boss Arvind Kejriwal has flagrantly blessed World Fellowship of Religions owner, BJP bigwig, Minister Satpal Maharaj to be the next U'khand CM with just deposed, fuming, enraged with BJP bosses in Delhi, insulted Trivendra Singh Rawat as his deputy --- he does not mind at all to be deputy to his GuruJi excessively revered SatPal MahaRaj --- etc.

Kejriwal fully determined to widen his wings has already successfully done so in Punjab, Chhattisgarh, etc and now is focussing on U'khand that according to him is in desperate need of a 'global' CM like SatPal whose spouse, the royal family member of Garhwal, Amrita is a minister in present government. However SatPal has been left to fend for himself despite he being 'global' with strong 'global' clout in all international languages in all countries via his World Fellowship Of Religions, head quartered in Delhi...This despite he was openly promised by the BJP High Command in Delhi to be the U'khand CM in place of then listless Trivendra long back. But it did not happen like that. For reasons best known to them, he was sidelined as now in present CM's tenure as well. Satpal, with the self-tom tomed full fledged capacity to help PM Modi easily attain $ 5 Tn economy by 2024 via his numerous multi-trillionaire+ followers as his sheer janitors, could not impress Narendra Modi as the latter strong adheres to "ekla chole re...". Naturally SatPal was left high and dry. The state's BJP big shots also side lined him for obvious reasons. ...Here entered ambitious Kejriwal who himself wants to be country's Sarvesarva (omni) that is PM, so he has battered his ambitions with Satpal Maharaj's Dollar power to become PM with his mass-favorite AAP making Satpal, the Uttarakhand CM either after next state elections next year or before itself by effecting "collapse" of present BJP government by making BJP MLAs etc switch to AAP, now fully ready to govern U'khand under Satpal Maharaj.

Updated : 7 April 2021 6:21 PM GMT


Soumitra Bose is a Special Correspondent of The Hawk in New Delhi

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