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'Deeksha Sanskar' Of Naga Seers Begins At Joona Akhada

Deeksha Sanskar Of Naga Seers Begins At Joona Akhada

Haridwar (U'khand): The "deeksha sanskar" of Naga seers began on a large scale at Joona Akhada here on Monday.

Around one lakh Naga seers will be given "deeksha sanskar" at the Joona Akhada over the next few days.

Naga seers have been registered in all four Madhis (groups) to be given "deeksha sanskar", Joona Akhada's International Secretary and Kumbh Mela incharge Mahant Mahesh Puri said.

The applicants for "deeksha sanskar" have been selected after careful scrutiny, he said.

One has to clear many rigorous examinations to become a full-fledged Naga sanyasi. Naga sanyasis are first admitted into the Akhada as Mahapurush where they have to serve their gurus and perform many actions for three years before they are finally anointed as Naga seers during Kumbh.

The process of administering deeksha on the Naga sanyasis is being carried out under the guidance of Acharya Mahamandaleshwar Swami Awadheshanand Maharaj. —ANI

Updated : 5 April 2021 4:25 PM GMT
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