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Nadda-Shah-Modi Dump 80+ Yeddiyurappa

Nadda-Shah-Modi Dump 80+ Yeddiyurappa

New Delhi (The Hawk): In a suddenly-developed BJP-drama in BJP-ruled Karnataka, Lingayat-tom-toming BJP Central Leadership has dumped Lingayat-synonymous octogenarian Chief Minister Yeddiyurappa, re-opened all corruption cases against him, mobilised anti-forces against him in a renewed bid to dump him for all times to come so that his 'whoever' but youngish successor irrespective of his caste takes over and re-peps, refurbishes BJP in the state that is already teeming with "Yeddiyurappa Down, Down" because of his partisan governance+partiality+favouritism+sectarianism galore in plethora because of which, not all parts of the state are equally administered. The 'man' in question, Yeddiyurappa however remains fully unperturbed as he is fully aware that without him, BJP in Karnataka is a big zero not even a bubble.

BJP's powerful national troika (or, as many call them with full reverence The Three Musketeers who are BJP and BJP is them) mentioned above do not subscribe to such inflated bunkum and they are evincing that as well, opine/comment the party bigwigs in the state...They openly opine no individual is bigger than the party or there is always an alternative to any strong man in the party howsoever he/she may be with influential clout hinting obviously at Yeddiyurappa who has fallen from grace of the troika as they have realised that BJP in Karnataka should be Dan's him to fend for itself in the future after him what he being already an octogenarian but yes, fully hale and hearty. But for how long? Surely he has not conquered the The End or has he? Even if he has, the BJP troika does not want him from now on as in his current tenure the party in the state is fast becoming synonymous with corruption, partisanism, nepotism, etc leaving no scope for the BJP to repudiate them and at the same time, the party is fast weaning its support among all strata. Under the circumstances, the party troika reportedly has decided to rid Karnataka of him and replace him with someone else, more credible than him, more acceptable than him among all sections of the masses, tolerably corruption free if not fully so...Hunt for such successor of Yeddiyurappa already has begun in full earnest. Meanwhile, pressure/s on the CM are being intensified so that he soon is ready to put down his papers, amicably making way for his successor.

At the time of writing of course the troika mentioned above are fully tight lipped and maintaining utmost silence on Yeddyurappa as if all's well with him but their animosity is evident from growing dissidents against him in the state in all quarters.

Updated : 2021-04-06T17:30:34+05:30


Soumitra Bose is a Special Correspondent of The Hawk in New Delhi

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