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Beautiful Bird Watching Area In The Goa Raj Bhavan Complex Set Up

Beautiful Bird Watching Area In The Goa Raj Bhavan Complex Set Up

Panjim (The Hawk): A beautiful bird watching area in the Goa Raj Bhavan complex has been set up by the Forest Department of Goa on the initiative of the Governor of Goa, Nature and Environment lover Bhagat Singh Koshyari. As we all know well the Kovid epidemic almost brought everything to a halt in the year 2020 with its deep effects on human and the world felt that today we have to be conscious about health. Keeping in mind its far-reaching thinking and public interest, Governor Koshiyari planned this beautiful bird watching area by taking officers of Raj Bhavan and Forest Department together This diversity of vegetation in forests and gardens on more than 60 acres of land in the Goa Raj Bhavan complex has been attracting birds from the surrounding areas including migratory birds.

Keeping this in mind, the Baring Trail was proposed in the premises, but Governor Koshyari took Special initiative and approved it as Birding Trail under the joint aegis of Forest Department and Ecotourism North. And also developed it for tourists and visitors visiting the Raj Bhavan, which has become one of the major attractions of Raj Bhavan.

The Forest Department completed the setting up of the Birding Trail after a careful study of the movement of birds in the Raj Bhavan complex, which is about 850 meters in length. The Birding Trail was inaugurated by Maharashtra and Goa Governor Bhagat Singh Koshiyari on 3 March on the occasion of World Wildlife Day 2021.

On March 19, at 7 am, Governor Shri Bhagat Singh Koshiyari visited the Bird Trail. the same day 27 species of birds were recorded, mostly Racket Tail Drongo, Ash bellied Drongo, Common Flame Back Woodpecker, Jungle Babbler, Purple Sunbird, Taylor Bird. White Throat Ground Thrush, Crimson Barbet, White Checked Barbet and Chestnut etc. Along with the Raj Bhavan Darshan program, walking the Birding Trail has also been included so that the common people interested in birds and nature can also experience birding in the Raj Bhavan. In the Raj Bhavan area, around the canon point, swimming pool and medicinal forest, these birds are seen coming back to the flying skylight.

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