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    Yogi Government Gears Up To Promote ‘Mati Kala’ In UP

    Inam Ansari
    August16/ 2023
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    CM Yogi

    Lucknow: The Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh has approved the second instalment of the allocated amount for promoting 'Mati Kala' (clay art) in the state, according to an official statement from the Chief Minister's office.
    The aim is to nurture traditional arts, rural culture and rural industries in the state, in order to promote ‘Mati Kala’.
    The Uttar Pradesh Matikala Board, which is working to boost traditional clay art in the state and spread its awareness, will receive the second instalment of Rs 1.66 crore soon following the approval by the government.
    It is worth mentioning that the Yogi government had allocated a total of Rs 10 crore for various initiatives aimed at promoting ‘Mati Kala’ in the state of which the first installment of Rs 1.66 crore had earlier been received by the board. Now, the second instalment of Rs 1.66 crore out of the remaining Rs 8.33 crore has been approved by the government.
    The Department of Cottage and Rural Industries has already been given instructions regarding the release of the second instalment to the Uttar Pradesh Matikala Board, in line with the Chief Minister's intention.
    Similar to the previous instalment, the path for providing financial support of Rs 1.66 crore to the board for promoting ‘Mati Kala’ in the state has been cleared. The Yogi government has also implemented certain rules and conditions for granting the amount. As per these guidelines, the utilization of the approved amount will be based on immediate requirements. The sanctioned amount will be utilized in accordance with the guidelines, and a certificate of utility will be made available to the government by the Khadi Board.
    Notably, under the budget allocated by the Yogi government, the Matikala Board had requested funding for various expenses and detailed project plans to promote Mati Kala in the state. This financial grant has been approved keeping in mind the estimated expenses for implementing the proposed projects and plans by the Matikala Board, said the official statement.
    'Mati kala' is creating a new identity for the state.
    The Yogi government has been encouraging artisans to engage in traditional clay art as well as organising training for them from time to time for skill development and quality control from a business perspective in Uttar Pradesh.
    Additionally, the Uttar Pradesh Matikala Board organizes various competitions at district and state levels, providing clay artisans with an opportunity to showcase their skills and receive recognition.
    Moreover, in exhibitions held both nationally and internationally, they get a chance to exhibit their art, which not only enhances their income but also expands their reach to broader markets. As a result, the reputation of clay artisans from the state is not confined to just the country but resonates globally. —ANI