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    Woman arrested for beating a maid in a posh Noida area

    Pankaj Sharma
    December28/ 2022
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    Noida (The Hawk): An official reported on Tuesday that Noida police had detained a woman for beating her housemaid in the upscale Cleo County society in Sector 120.

    On social media, a video of the incident that showed the woman dragging her maid from the elevator by her hair as she struggled valiantly to escape from her grasp went viral.

    Following the video's global success, the police also posted on Twitter that the appropriate legal action had been initiated.

    According to the maid's father, who claimed that his daughter was being held prisoner at the Cleo County society under the Phase-3 police station area, a FIR has also been filed based on the information he supplied.

    The woman accused of abusing the maid and holding her hostage, Shefali Koul, meanwhile, claimed that her housekeeper had stolen items from her home and even put sleeping drugs in her meals.

    In addition, Koul asserted that she has CCTV footage and other supporting documentation.

    (Inputs from Agencies)