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    Wait For SC Verdict On Ram Mandir Issue: UP Minister

    April20/ 2022
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    Faizabad: Uttar Pradesh Minister of Health and Vocational Training Ashutosh Tandon said here that as a devout Hindu, he was in favour of construction of a grand Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, but expressed the opinion that people should wait for Supreme Court verdict on the issue. He was speaking to reporters after attending the famous Chowk Ram Lila last night. Pointing out that though, personally, he was in favour of resolving the contentious Ram Mandir issue through talks, Mr Tandon expressed dismay that possibility of solution through parleys had almost faded and it would be better to wait for SC verdict. The minister said by following Ram's ideals the, world could serve humanity in a much more effective manner. Since Ram Lila was being conducted at the Chowk for more than 120 years, it was evident enough that the annual event stood the test of time even during British Raj. Terming Ayodhya and Faizabad as a beacon of humanitarianism and tolerance, he emphasised that what greater example could be there be when you see Ram Lila being conducted on one side of the road and Muslims taking out their religious procession on the other side. It was due to this tolerance that calm prevailed in the city through years. Preceding the Ram Lila, Mr Tandon was honoured by Ram Lila Samiti Organiser Kanhaiya Agarwal and former corporator Dilip Yadav. UNI

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