Vocational courses open countless avenues of advancement

    The Hawk
    May14/ 2023

    Vocational courses

    The population of India has crossed nearly one hundred and fifty crores but the country is struggling with unemployment due to lack of means of employment. Every year lakhs of students from schools and colleges achieve success by pursuing various degrees. After completing their education, young men and women are engaged in search of employment. Many also prepare for competitive tests, out of which a few succeed but most sit at home disappointed.After passing 10th-12th, most of the students get confused as to which course to pursue, which can lead to a job or self-employment. After completing 10th-12th standard, one can succeed by taking admission in ITI. Some courses also have medium qualification. Children who complete vocational courses can reach heights of success through self-employment or start their own business. 

    Institutions There are government, non-government industrial training institutes in almost every district in every state in the entire country, in which various types of engineering and non-engineering courses are conducted. Admissions are done online based on eligibility and merit. Students can apply online by visiting the website of the Department of Technical Education and Industrial Training or by visiting the nearest institution. He/she must have Eligibility Certificate, Aadhaar Card, Special Category Certificate through which they want to avail reservation. Candidates can choose the institution and occupation as per their convenience. These admissions usually start in June-July.The courses are usually in session from August to July. Course The list of these courses includes Electricity, Electronics, Motor Mechanic, Diesel Mechanic, Fitter, Turner, AC Mechanic, Machinist, Welder, Plumber, Carpenter, Map Navis, Civil Mechanical, Farm Mechanic, Tractor Mechanic and Hotel Management related courses specially. are available on Similarly, courses like hair and skin care, sewing technology, embroidery, dress designing-fashion designing, computer, Punjabi-English, Hindi steno can be chosen for girls. Government Institutions The annual fee is Rs 3400 and the tuition fee is waived for Scheduled Caste students. 

    Job opportunities After the success of the vocational courses where the trainees can get self-employment by opening their own business, they also become eligible for employment in government, non-government organizations like Railways, Electricity Board, Navy, Army, Air Force, Vocational courses are in great demand in water supply, roadways, various private industries, factories. Apprenticeship is also conducted by DGET to enhance the profession. apart from Diploma courses for higher technical education can be admitted in the second year under lateral entry. Vocational courses are also in great demand abroad, provided that the trainees should be proficient in their profession and the trainee should have a certificate NTC issued by DG&T. Dream of Digital India Apart from this, after completing any trade course, trainees can join as instructors in government or non-government organizations by doing CTI (Instructor Course). Therefore, each student is qualified on his own choice According to this, employment, self-employment opportunities should be created by getting training in vocational courses. Governments should also consider their responsibility and make special efforts to run the closed courses by filling the vacant posts of instructors in the institutions and create employment, then only our dream of Digital India can be fulfilled.