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    Uttarakhand: Road Near Pagalnala On Badrinath National Highway Blocked Due To Debris Pile-Up

    Inam Ansari
    September10/ 2023
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    National Highway Blocked Due To Debris Pile-Up

    Badrinath: The Badrinath National Highway experienced continuous debris accumulation near Pagalnala which led to the temporary blockage of the road.
    This disruption has created challenges for commuters and pilgrims heading to the revered town of Badrinath.
    The debris accumulation began as a result of recent heavy rainfall in the region, triggering landslides and obstructing the highway.
    Authorities were quick to respond to the situation, deploying personnel and heavy machinery to clear the debris and ensure the safety of those travelling on this crucial route.
    The closure of this highway segment has impacted the movement of vehicles, including both tourists and pilgrims visiting Badrinath.
    The Badrinath National Highway, which connects pilgrimage sites in the Uttarakhand region, including Badrinath and Kedarnath, is a lifeline for the area's tourism and religious activities.
    Authorities are working to restore normal traffic flow and minimize the inconvenience to travellers.
    Weather conditions in the region remain unpredictable, with the possibility of further landslides due to ongoing rainfall. Travellers are encouraged to stay updated on the situation and follow advisories from local authorities as they work diligently to ensure the safety and smooth passage of all road users.
    Efforts are expected to continue around the clock until the debris blockage is fully cleared, allowing the highway to reopen for unrestricted travel.
    Authorities have assured that they are doing everything possible to minimize disruptions and ensure the safety of everyone travelling through this route. —ANI