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    Uttarakhand's Champawat District Gets Smart School-Smart Block Program

    The Hawk
    May12/ 2023

    CM Dhami

    Champawat: In an effort to revolutionize education in the Champawat district of Uttarakhand, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami inaugurated the Smart School-Smart Block program at the auditorium located at Goralchod in Champawat on Thursday.
    According to CMO, the initiative, which aims to improve learning outcomes for over 5,000 children in 137 schools, will provide innovative resources, including TV sets, Smart Shala application, lesson plans, and assessment tools. The program is a joint effort by the Sampark Foundation and the state government to bring modern education to the marginalized sections of society and make Champawat a model district for Uttarakhand.
    The CM said, "This will give new dimensions in the field of education. Describing it as a step towards making Champawat a model district, he said that it is also a good initiative for ideal Uttarakhand."
    He said that "Sampark" means "connection", bringing positive change in the lives of the deprived and marginalized people of the society makes the purpose of Sampark Foundation meaningful. For this, he told the efforts of the Sampark Foundation in the interest of society. He said that today's era is of science and technology and Prime Minister Narendra Modi also says that people should make full use of science and technology for the development of the country. He said that through technology we can do more work in less time with ease of tasks. He said that Sampark smart devices have been given to the schools so that children can learn easily, in simple language, in a joyful way.
    He further said that a new India is being built under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The economy of many countries in the world is deteriorating, while the economy of India has become the economy of 5th place from 11th place even in this difficult time.
    Dhami said, "In the coming century of independence, India will become the leading India of the world. The social and economic development of any country is the infants and children of that country. It depends on the type of their education, the quality of it. All these tasks are the responsibility of the teachers. The parents give the first sanskar, the second one is given by the teachers. Teachers do the work of educating and taking them forward in life. The children coming out of Champawat will go to different areas to illuminate the name of their parents, as well as illuminate the name of the village, area, district, state, and also illuminate the names of the teachers from where they received education."
    The Chief Minister said that the mandate has been issued for the campus of Soban Singh Jeena University, Almora being built in Champawat. Along with this, all the school buildings in Champawat district are being renovated and beautified, including necessary facilities are being provided, he said that the work of providing modern education to the people standing at the last end of society is being done with the help of the Sampark Foundation, Government. This partnership of the State Government and Sampark Foundation is an effort for the betterment of education to present an innovative and first-of-its-kind study program in the government schools of the state.
    He said, "Many innovations are taking place in the field of education as well as many challenges have also come up. In the midst of all these challenges, the new education policy has come. This policy will work to give new dimensions to school education and higher education. The same will provide an opportunity for all classes of people to get education under the right of equality. Under the new education policy, students studying for competitive examinations will get benefits. Uttarakhand is the first state to have a new education policy which has been fully implemented in school education. The smart classes laid by the Sampark Foundation in this work will benefit the children."
    Welcoming the Chief Minister on the occasion, Founder Chairman of Sampark Foundation, Vineet Nair said that the Government Smart Schools Smart Blocks program aims to improve the learning outcomes of 5484 children by training 274 teachers of 137 schools in Champawat block of Champawat district in the state. After successful implementation for 100 days in the Champawat block, this program will be extended to the Khirsu block of the Pauri district in a time bound manner. Sampark's team will also ensure the capacity building of teachers so that teaching becomes systematic and easy.
    He informed that Sampark Foundation has brought its entire range of innovative learning resources to the Smart Schools Smart Blocks programme. These resources are in line with the state syllabus and SCERT, and will help in facilitating a complete change in the process of studying in the classroom. The resources provided by Sampark for this program include TV sets for each school, Sampark TV devices, Sampark Smart Shala application, Maths and English kit with Sampark Didi audio box, 500 lesson plans, 1100 lesson videos, TLM's Along with 450 activities, 2000 worksheets as per class and subject, 3000 questions for assessment - Sampark Didi questions in KBC format, videos of science songs and experiments for classes 6 to 8 and a resource book for teachers. —ANI