UP: A man thrashes his wife for not being able to conceive a kid

    Pankaj Sharma
    December28/ 2022
    Last Updated:

    Lucknow (The Hawk): In a horrifying event, A 30-year-old guy allegedly beat his wife severely, causing major harm to her private parts, because he was angry with her for "not being able to conceive a child," .

    The victim, who was bleeding heavily, is receiving treatment at a private hospital as a result of the alleged event, which is said to have occurred underneath the Mohanlalganj police circle.

    The accused husband has fled the scene.

    The victim's brother called the police about the incident on Tuesday.

    The complainant told us that the accused married her sister almost six years ago, according to Manisha Singh, Lucknow's additional deputy commissioner of police (ADCP South). The accused was angry with the victim for being unable to produce a child, therefore for three months the victim lived with her parents. After the accused took her in, the woman didn't go back to her in-laws' home until Monday.

    The crime occurred shortly after the woman returned to her in-laws' home, the ADCP continued.

    According to the police official, the accused first engaged in inappropriate sexual activity with the victim before attacking her with a razor. The injured woman somehow told her brother, who helped get her medical admission.

    An ongoing investigation into the case is ongoing. According to the official, the accused has been detained under the appropriate sections for inflicting harm, domestic abuse, and threatening behaviour.

    (Inputs from Agencies)