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    UP CM Yogi Criticises Congress, SP For 'Stoking Communal Tensions'

    Inam Ansari
    April29/ 2024
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    UP CM Yogi

    Aonla: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Sunday likened the "situation" of the Congress Party, the Samajwadi Party and the Bahujan Samajwadi Party to that of a fish out of water in the absence of power.
    Addressing a public meeting at Subhash Inter College Ground in Aonla Lok Sabha constituency to campaign for BJP candidate Dharmendra Kashyap, Yogi said that parties are adrift without authority.
    The Chief Minister criticized the Congress and SP for allegedly stoking communal tensions and hindering progress, asserting that their divisive tactics pose a threat to both national and state interests. The Chief Minister posed ten probing questions to the Congress, SP, and BSP, evoking the legendary tale of Yaksha's interrogation of Dharmaraj Yudhishthir. Asserting the need for accountability, the CM underscored the prolonged stints of Congress rule spanning six to six and a half decades and the sporadic reigns of SP and BSP, totalling three to four terms, yet lamented the persisting challenges faced by the state.
    Urging reflection on issues of national identity and security, development stagnation, hunger-related fatalities, farmer suicides, communal unrest, and economic setbacks attributed to what he characterized as the misguided appeasement policies of previous administrations, the CM's pointed inquiries demanded answers on culpability.
    The Chief Minister lambasted the "selective condolences" offered by the SP, drawing a sharp contrast between their response to the passing of Mulayam Singh and the lack of acknowledgement for the late Kalyan Singh's contributions to Uttar Pradesh's development and the Ram Janmabhoomi cause.
    Expressing dismay at the apparent prioritization of political allegiances over genuine expressions of respect, the CM questioned the ethical foundation of a party that allegedly disregards the legacies of public service in favour of alliances with controversial figures.
    Accusing the SP of dynastic politics, the CM highlighted the monopolization of party tickets within a single family that prioritizes familial ties over broader societal interests. Drawing analogies between the idiosyncratic people in the SP family and the complex characters of the Mahabharata epic, the CM underscored SP's leadership's perceived disconnect from the needs and aspirations of the broader electorate.
    He also held the Congress responsible for the delay in the construction of the Ram Janmabhoomi temple, alleging that the party hindered the project's realization. However, truth ultimately triumphed, he added. The Chief Minister asked people if they had confidence in the opposition's ability to combat organized crime. Citing a history of alleged collaboration between the opposition and criminal elements, the CM portrayed them as intertwined entities, contrasting this image with the government's stance against mafia influence.
    CM Yogi also advocated for initiatives like the SVANidhi and SVAMITVA schemes, prioritizing empowerment over-exploitation. This call for a government dedicated to uplifting citizens through progressive policies underscored the CM's vision for a safer, more prosperous society.
    Asserting the opposition's alleged designs on inherited property through proposed taxation schemes, the CM urged vigilance against attempts to undermine the rights of the Hindu community.
    The Chief Minister underscored the significance of aligning with a government prioritizing the nation's welfare. Emphasizing Prime Minister Modi's vision for security and progress, the CM asserted that only the BJP could ensure the nation's safety. Urging voters to not be swayed by individuals who claim to stand for the country while advancing personal agendas, the CM stressed the importance of aligning with those genuinely dedicated to national interests.
    Reinforcing the notion that the government should reflect the will of the people it serves, the CM highlighted the BJP's commitment to upholding national interests, development, security, and the values of the 'Sanatan faith'. Encouraging voters to support the nationalist mission and grant Prime Minister Modi a third term, the CM rallied support for a government that prioritizes the nation's welfare above all else. Aonla MLA and State Government Cabinet Minister Dharampal Singh, District President Adesh Pratap Singh, District Panchayat President Rashmi Patel, MLAs Shyam Bihari Lal, Raghavendra Sharma, Rajeev Singh, and former MLA Dharmendra Shakya were present at the rally. —ANI