Two security guards booked for assaulting couple in Lucknow park

    The Hawk
    September26/ 2023
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    booked for assaulting couple

    Lucknow: Two security guards have been booked for allegedly assaulting a young man and his girlfriend at Janeshwar Mishra Park in Lucknow's Gomti Nagar.

    The incident occurred on September 23 but was reported on Monday.

    Sudhir Awasthi, SHO of Gomti Nagar Extension, said that the FIR in this connection has been filed.

    According to reports, the young man and his girlfriend had gone to the park to spend quality time together and discuss personal matters.

    “Around 6.30 p.m., two security guards approached them, and one of the guards struck my friend’s leg with a stick. She began crying due to the pain, and I confronted the security personnel. Both of them then proceeded to beat me with the sticks they were carrying,” recounted the victim.

    He disclosed that he sustained bruises from the attack, which was an agonising and shocking experience for him.

    “We are adults and were merely engaged in a conversation,” the victim added.

    The victim reported the incident to the police, although he could not provide the names of the security guards.

    However, he said he could identify them if presented with a lineup.

    The police confirmed the registration of a case and the launch of an investigation into the issue.

    "We have summoned all the security guards and will conduct a lineup for the victim and his girlfriend to identify the assailants,” the police stated.