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    Trinamool Congress demands ST reservation in Goa assembly

    The Hawk
    April28/ 2023

    Panaji: In the Goa Legislative Assembly, the Trinamool Congress has demanded for reservations for the Scheduled Tribes community.

    Samil Volvoikar, convener of the Trinamool Congress, stated at a press conference in Panaji that his party will take a strong stance in support of the ST community. "In future, if they (community members) stage protest, then also, we will give our support," Volvoikar said.

    ST leader Kanta Gawade and Mariano Rodrigues were present on the occasion.

    "Since last many years, this issue has been pending. Government should have paid heed to it and given them their right," Volvoikar said, adding it is the constitutional right of ST community to get reservation.

    "It is irony that 'adivasi samaj' is deprived of their constitutional right. The ST community has many times demanded for the same through various platforms, but it has only met with injustice," Gawade lamented.

    He stated that the ST community of Goa has been asking for reservation in the assembly for the past two decades, but so far their request has been denied despite being a constitutional entitlement.

    Kanta Gawade said that the ST community has contributed a lot for the state and that it should be given its right.

    He said that the ST community has warned to boycott the Lok Sabha election if its demand is not met. "ST community wants to make the government realise that as they have not been given their right, they will boycott the elections," he said.

    All governments over the past two decades, according to Gawade, have failed to grant rights to the ST community. "Right from MLAs to the President of the country, ST community has given memorandum to all. But nobody has paid heed to this issue," he said.

    "I appeal to the state and Central government to work in this direction and provide reservation to ST community," he added.—Inputs from Agencies