TN forest officials arrest man for poisoning tiger to death

    The Hawk
    September12/ 2023
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    Chennai: The Tamil Nadu forest officials have arrested a person for poisoning a tiger to death. The arrested has been identified as Shekhar, a farmer who rears cows and goats.

    The carcasses of two tigers aged 3 and 8 were found near the Avalanche dam in The Nilgiris on Saturday evening.

    The forest department commenced a probe and conducted the post-mortem of the two deceased tigers. It was found that one of the tigers died due to pesticide poison while the other died due to the fight with another tiger.

    Near the carcasses of the tiger, there was the carcass of a cow. The Nilgiris forest division had constituted a team of 20 forest personnel to probe the death of the tiger and questioned the owner of the cow whose carcass was found near the remains of the tigers.

    The forest department on questioning the owner of the cow found that he had poisoned the carcass of the cow after he found that the mammal, which was sent for grazing, was killed by a carnivore. The farmer, Shekhar was arrested and later remanded to judicial custody.