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    Theft of $12,000 at Ahmedabad airport, passenger's luggage looted

    The Hawk
    August30/ 2023
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    Ahmedabad: An amount of 12,000 US dollars belonging to a passenger on an international flight was pilfered from his luggage at Ahmedabad’s Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport.

    The distressed victim, identified as Dipak Doshi, a businessman hailing from Lunawada in Mahisagar district, lodged a formal complaint with the airport police station.

    The incident occurred during Doshi’s journey from Ahmedabad to Dubai.

    The matter is still under investigation.

    Doshi’s grievance centers around a harrowing realization upon reaching his brother’s residence in Dubai.

    Having undergone routine screening and boarding procedures for SpiceJet flight SG 15 on August 12, he embarked on his journey to Dubai. However, upon inspecting his luggage, Doshi was aghast to discover that $12,000 was missing from one of his five bags.

    The luggage lock, which was originally secured with both Airport Authority and SpiceJet seals, had been tampered with.

    Upon his return from Dubai, Dipak Doshi decided to escalate the issue further.

    He officially lodged a complaint with the airport police station in Ahmedabad, positing his belief that the theft occurred on the premises of Ahmedabad airport itself.

    In response, the police have initiated proceedings under IPC section 379, which pertains to theft, based on Doshi’s account of the incident.