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    The 'She Brigade'

    The Hawk
    May4/ 2023

    She Brigade

    Soumitra Bose

    New Delhi (The Hawk): The 'She Brigade': They (as seen in the pic), all Union Ministers in their own individual right, comprise the powerful 'She Brigade' of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Each one of them authoritatively 'independent', 'upright', 'firm', 'capable', 'worthy' in her own right, assert "all" in the Cabinet Secretariat, PMO, etc. They hugely appreciate the "lady ministers' independent prowess to take independent decisions unlike what is normally apprehended about them that they always depend on some one for basic decisions. Nothing of that sort at all with these ministers. They are as fiercely independent as their men counterparts in fact in many cases, far better, pointedly effective than the men, assent insiders in know of these matters.