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    Tharoor In BJP?

    The Hawk
    May5/ 2023


    Soumitra Bose

    New Delhi (The Hawk): BJP's or "Mananiya Narendra Modi's" "correct political catch" of the year: Shashi Tharoor in BJP at an opportune moment any time this year: So, the "congenitally Congress-chanting Thiruvananthapuram Lok Sabha MP, multi-talented, multi-faceted, mega-perspectiveprone, global-synonymous Tharoor, according to strong insidious rumblings emanating from Kerala, is now all set to join the BJP at direct behest of Modi and take charge of Kerala-BJP propping himself as next State CM amid first ever BJP Government in Kerala without any ado of any king and with full assent of the state's so-called left temperamentaled masses spontaneously accepting him as their Mukhya Mantri". In other words, from then on, the last bastion of the left will be over and gone for ever unless the BJP decides against it --- Kerala joke this now spread all throughout the state: Northern Travancore --- Hill Range: Idukki, parts of Ernakulam; Central Travancore --- Parthanamthitta, Alappuzha, Kottayam; South Travancore --- Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, 14 Revenue Districts, rest of the districts. It is being widely assessed that via his mega-'convincing, persuasive parlance prowess', he is bound to easily sway the 'congenitally inveterate, recalcitrant' Keralites including the Malaylee Muslims, Christians, their innumerable sects, sub-sects, Hindus etc to permanently turn away from the very Left, Left of Centre, Leftism, Left-Logos + Left Ideologies and the like and literally embrace the BJP for all times to come in the days ahead, confide Tharoor aides. They admit, Tharoor is now mentally fully set to be the BJP CM of Kerala therby setting the new precedence in the annals of Kerala power-politics. Thus, Tharoor in BJP will be a grand success, unacshedly admit even the Left-supporters.