Success of G20 belongs to 140 crore Indians not to individual or party: PM in LS

    Nidhi Khurana
    September18/ 2023
    Last Updated:

    New Delhi: On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the success of the G20 Summit that was conducted in India belonged to all 140 crore Indians and not to any one person or political party.

    He opened the floor for debate in Lok Sabha on the topic "Parliamentary Journey of 75 years starting from Samvidhan Sabha -- Achievements, Experiences, Memories, and Learnings" by welcoming delegates and guests and noting India's federal structure, diversity, and several state administrations. He also announced that the G20 Parliament Speakers will meet soon.

    140 crore Indians are the true owners of G-20's success. This is India's triumph, not that of any one person or political group. More than 200 meetings were held in 60 different locations across India to showcase the country's diversity and federal structure, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated.—Inputs from Agencies