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    Student passes 10th Class on 11th Attempt with Father's Support

    The Hawk
    June1/ 2024
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    This remarkable success story has brought joy and pride to the entire village, where celebrations erupted with drumbeats, garlands, and fireworks.

    Krishna Munde

    In the village of Dabi in Beed district, Maharashtra, a man has passed his 10th-grade exam on his 11th try after failing 10 times. This achievement has brought celebrations to the entire village. Krishna Munde, who started 10th grade in 2014, kept failing despite working hard. After ten years of effort, he finally succeeded and was honored with a garland.

    The village celebrated Krishna's success with drumbeats, carrying him on their shoulders, and fireworks. Krishna's parents played a big role in his success. His father kept encouraging him, saying that failure is not the end and to keep trying. This support from his father and Krishna's hard work finally paid off on his 11th attempt.

    This story has made Krishna's family and the whole village proud.