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    Smriti For Delhi CM!

    June4/ 2022
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    Smriti Malhotra Zubin Irani

    New Delhi (The Hawk): Smriti For Delhi CM! Yes, exactly...confide top shots of the Delhi BJP, All India BJP, BJP-snoopers all-knowingly. According to them, now Central Minister, Smriti Malhotra Zubin Irani is, by all yard sticks, fully tailor made for Delhi CM in February 2025. (Already, all out, but extremely silently, preparations for Delhi-MLA elections have begun in full scale). Because not only she is a Delhiite but fully at ease with "out-n-out 'Dilli-culture-vulture' 24×7". This despite her "filmy karam bhoomi" has been Mumbai and now, back to Delhi as MP and Minister. She is back on "Delhi-saddle albeit, patiently", say those close to her say. They say, discreetly, astutely, succinctly, she is fast winning over Delhi-denizens in her and BJP's favour. So intense is her "silent campaigning among the Delhiites" that many in the ruling AAP already are jittery, seriously vacillating 'bout their ensuing electoral future which, discreetly according to them, is already tottering, crackling. Hauling their ministers on corruption charges, MLAs on communal, social, anti-national etc charges etc, etc are repertoire of charges labelled on them and they are being hauled. Their boss Arbind Kejriwal remains a mere "CM-observer" amid "meek protests" obviously not heeded to at all. Delhiites by and large remain indifferent, adroitly observe capital-assessors. According to them, banishing all this, Smriti Irani is "bang suitable for Delhi in the true spirit of 'Smriti-hee hai right choice' as Delhi-CM".