Sengol finds prominence in Parliament amid political controversy; Samajwadi Party calls it "Raja ka Danda"

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    June27/ 2024
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    RK Chaudhary criticized the BJP government's installation of the Sengol, questioning whether India should be governed by this symbol or the Constitution.

    PM Modi installed sengol

    New Delhi: The 'Sengol' found its prominence in Parliament on Thursday amid the ongoing political controversy ignited by Samajwadi Party (SP) Member of Parliament (MP) RK Chaudhary's recent comments calling it a symbol of monarchy.
    "The Constitution is the symbol of democracy. The BJP government, under PM Modi, installed the Sengol in Parliament. 'Sengol' means 'Raj-Dand' or 'Raja ka Danda'. After ending the princely order, the country became independent. Will the country be run by 'Raja ka danda' or the Constitution? I demand that Sengol be removed from Parliament to save the Constitution," said Chaudhary.
    BJP leader CR Kesavan called Chaudhary's comments outrageous and outlandish.
    "RK Chaudhary's remarks are outrageous and outlandish. He insulted the millions of devotees. He has also undermined the sanctity of the Parliament. He has also abused the office of the President. But what better can you expect from a Samajwadi Party MP," he said.
    Union Minister Anupriya Patel asked what were the SP's MP doing when the Sengol was being established in the House.
    "When Sengol was established, the Samajwadi Party was in the House even then, what were its MPs doing at that time?" she said.
    Union Minister BL Verma said that SP leaders should look at the constitution and parliamentary traditions.
    "Samajwadi Party MPs who are saying this first, should know the parliamentary traditions and then speak. And they are talking about removing something that is a symbol of self-respect. I think that somewhere they should look at the constitution and parliamentary traditions," he said.
    RJD MP Misa Bharti said that the Senghol should be removed because it is a democratic country.
    "It should be removed because it is a democratic country. The Sengol should be kept in the museum where people can come and see it," Bharti said.
    Meanwhile, SP chief Akhilesh Yadav defended Chaudhary, suggesting that the remark might be a reminder for the Prime Minister. "When the Sengol was installed, the PM bowed before it. He might have forgotten this while taking the oath. Maybe our MP's remark was to remind him of that," Yadav stated.
    On May 28, 2023, PM Narendra Modi installed the historic Sengol in the Lok Sabha chamber, next to the Speaker's chair in the new Parliament building, after performing a traditional puja. This Sengol, handed over to PM Modi by Adheenams, was previously accepted by India's first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, on the night of August 14, 1947.