Rohit Sharma’s Wife, Ritika Sajdeh Removes Instagram Post "All Eyes On Rafah"

    The Hawk
    May29/ 2024
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    Her post drew criticism from many Hindus, who questioned her silence on issues affecting Kashmiri and Pakistani Hindus.

    Rohit Sharma, Ritika Sajdeh and her Instagram Story

    Mumbai: Rohit Sharma’s wife, Ritika Sajdeh, faced controversy after posting an Instagram story with the caption "All Eyes On Rafah" to support Palestine. Many Hindus criticized her for not speaking about the issues faced by Kashmiri and Pakistani Hindus.

    Critics were upset and questioned why Sajdeh had chosen to highlight the situation in Rafah while remaining silent on the problems of these communities. They felt her support was selective and unfair.

    Due to the backlash, Ritika Sajdeh decided to delete the Instagram story. This incident has sparked a larger conversation on social media about the responsibilities of public figures in addressing different humanitarian issues.

    The controversy shows the challenges celebrities and their families face when talking about political and social issues, especially in a diverse country like India. Ritika Sajdeh’s decision to remove the post highlights the pressures of dealing with public opinion on social media.